About Us

N. Texas and Cincinnati Photographers

For Shad and his group of associate photographers, photography is the center of their world. Whether for pay, or for one of our many charitable shoots, any opportunity to click the shutter is just plain fun. If it wasn’t fun, we just wouldn’t be doing it. You have to love what you do, otherwise there isn’t any point. This is especially true when it comes to photography. We develop a personal relationship with every person we photograph whether it be a senior or a bride and groom. It is that relationship, and that attention to detail that allows us to truly capture your special moments and make them last forever.

The good fortune has been ours to photograph hundreds of weddings, events, and hundreds of thousands of portraits. Some of the other fun includes the photography for two cookbooks, a U.S. Congressman’s campaign brochures, clients such as the University of Dayton, Shell Oil, Team TBA, the Alzheimer’s Association, People Working Cooperatively, Seniors One On One, Arthritis Foundation, Baskets for All Reasons, Proctor & Gamble, FBI, and more. We bring Our experience, artful style and fun loving natures as photographers to every session.

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